Friday, February 24, 2017

7 QT- Feb-u-ending

1. Date Night

Chris and I decided to start saving and start planning a trip for our 10th anniversary (it will be in 2018).  One of the areas we are considering is the Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands region, so we decided to have a themed at-home date night to "try it on for size".  

Really Chris did it all.  He thought of this, he planned it, he bought the regional beers and cheeses, and he surprised me with it one night.  He's kinda great. 

2.  Impromtu Mommy/Daughter Date
I had some shopping to do and she volunteered to come with (she wanted to buy colored pencils with her Christmas money).  It turned into a little date one afternoon and we bought a bag of popcorn while we shopped just because. 

3. Snuggles

I don't get many pictures of this sweet gal anymore.  She and Elise are hard to pin down.  They are always off playing and laughing together. But Ava scraped her knee and wanted some snuggles.  So we snuggled and took a few silly pictures together just because. 


Everyone wants to snuggle with the Little Man. 

4. Baby Shower

I attended a lovely baby shower for my dear friend, Caitlin, who is expecting her 6th baby, and 4th girl next month.  

My favorite part was the blessing we prayed over her.  It was such a beautiful time to spend praying for Caitlin, her husband, their family, and the new little one on the way. 

5. Recent Video Clips




6. Homeschooling

The girls loved having my valentine flowers and their little stuffed friends at the table when they did math the other morning.  It's amazing the little things that keep them motivated.  


We got some wonderful sunshine and physical activity this week at the park.  One day we went to the library and a nearby park afterwards and another day after they finished school work, we visited a new park (the "train park") with friends.  


We sure love these 70 degree days in the middle of winter.  Park time and some hands-on, practical learning-- washing the car.  


Fun with math for Kayla, Elise, and Ava (each at their own level) with sweethearts on clearance after Valentine's Day.  We graphed, worked on patterns, did some adding and subtracting, and greater than/less than.  Such a "sweet" afternoon learning. 

She's learning too.  Clearing the table, and doing a pretty darn good job.  She's pretty great at making a mess too, but just the cutest little goober. 

7. Kolbe- 6 months


Kolbe will be 6 months in just 2 more days.  He has his two bottom front teeth.  He loves to chew and gnaw on everything.  My little sunshine and my "lucky star" (I finally found my Singin' in the Rain movie after misplacing it for about a year!!- can't wait to watch it again, in case you didn't catch that lucky star reference).  

He is so full of smiles and giggles.  He's sleeping ok, naps sporadically (sometimes 2-3 hours, sometimes barely at all!).  He's rolling EVERYwhere.  If we leave him on the floor, he's across the room when we turn around again.  He's up on his knees a lot and getting ready for take-off.  A lot of scootching, rolling, spinning, and push-ups.  And he LOVES his sisters and getting attention from all of them.  Talking, singing, laughing, tickling.  He is all about it. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week 8- #52 Hike Challenge 2017- More East/West

And for the 8th week of the #52hikechallenge2017 we completed another segment of the East/West Trail.  This portion was roughly 3 miles and the kids rocked it. 


We saw more prairie dogs and the girls pretended to call to each other (like they heart the prairie dogs doing) and pretended to be prairie dogs running from a hawk.  

Trail names for this hike:
Chris: Hawk
Laura: Rickshaw
Kayla: Squeaker (she was the one making the "prairie dog" noises)
Elise: Tunnel Seeker
Ava: Trail Digger
Sophie: Trail Whisperer
Kolbe: Trail Napper

Sophie hiked the very end of the hike and loved it.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 7 Hike- More East/West Trail

Chris was gone for most of last week on business, but we were able to get out for our Week 7 hike of the #52hikechallenge2017 on Saturday.  We covered another portion of the East/West Trail.  We have been warming the kids back up since we didn't do a lot of hiking in the late fall/early winter, so most of the hikes have been about a mile and a half or 2 miles.  This hike was about 4 miles, so the kids complained a bit by the end, but they all did great!  

Ava did whine two seconds into the hike that she was soooo tired, but she perked up quickly and didn't complain anymore until the last 3/4 of a mile when she was getting pretty tired and hungry since it was lunch time.  


Sophie got to run for about 1/2 mile in the middle of the hike too, and she loved it.  Below she and Ava are taking a little break to let their legs rest a minute.  ha. 


The girls missed Chris while he was gone and they all wanted to hold his hand(s) all throughout the hike especially toward the end.  Ava got behind (with me) because she was whining, but when she realized that Chris was up ahead, she went tearing down the hill yelling/crying, "Daaaaadddddy!  Wait for meeeee!"  He did, and when I caught up, this is what I saw.  Awwwwww. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

7 QT- Mid February Updates

Today I bring you random updates in the form of 7 quick takes.  

1. Teething

In this update post in mid-January, I predicted (based on past history with our other kiddos) that Kolbe would pop his first tooth in the next couple weeks.  I was pretty close.  2 weeks and 2 days after that post, on February 4th, Kolbe's first little tooth poked through.  And 2 days later, his second little tooth began poking through the gums as well.  


It's too difficult to get a picture of his teeth with that big smile and his tongue out all the time, but they are there.  Sharp little buggers.  


2. The Plague

Right around when Kolbe was getting his teeth, we got hit with a really nasty stomach bug.  Sophie got it first and was a MESS.  Fever, throwing up, wouldn't eat, barely drank, totally lethargic, and so completely NOT her joyful, active self.  Just as she was starting to peak and feel better, Ava caught it and shortly after Kayla.  Chris and I got touches of it, but thankfully were not hit as hard as the kids. Elise never did get it, but the others had it bad, and it took the family a good two weeks to be fully feeling 100% again.  

She slept SO much over the week or so it took her to start feeling more like herself.  

She was asleep in this picture.  That face was happening in her sleep and she was clutching that sucker but not even interested in actually eating it, she was so tired and feeling so yucky. 

It was awful.  

But we had so many wonderful people praying for us to feel better and an anonymous friend sent some disinfectant wipes and a little bottle of DigestZen essential oil to help the tummies feel better.  

3. Reading

We love it, so it happens a lot in this house.  


I love when Kayla agrees to read to her sisters and brother.  It's the sweetest.  Even Kolbe enjoys it though he doesn't care about looking at the book at all.  He just likes to sit close, hear her voice, and usually hold her arm.  Heart melting. 

We've also been trying to get back in our Read-Aloud groove.  We started this book called The Penderwicks.  It's about 4 sisters who meet a boy while vacationing and all the adventures they have.  We are 5 chapters in and the kids are begging me to read more everyday.  

We focused on listening to descriptions of characters and setting and drew pictures after the first chapter.  We'll do another today probably to see what they picked up on and liked about chapters 2-5. 

4.  Sitting up

Kolbe is also beginning to sit up.  This video isn't the longest he's sat, but it's a pretty good video to get an idea of where he's at.  He's still quite wobbly most days when he sits, though he has had a few days where he sits up for about 2 minutes at a time.  More often than not, he sits for about 10-20 seconds and then starts leaning....and falls onto his tummy time position.  


Still moving all over the place on his belly and by rolling around from tummy to back and back again.  He isn't crawling but has got up on all fours (knees too) and propelled himself forward.  I'm still predicting that he'll be crawling between 6 and 6 1/2 months just like his sisters.  He's doing all the same stuff, so I'd be surprised if he didn't take the plunge for that soon. 

5. Love 'Em Up

We've been working on our virtue of the month, LOVE.  Bible verses, chatting about how we can show each other love, and playing a little 'game' called Love 'em up.  The idea is to try as much as we can to find little ways to show each other love each and every day.  Little notes, helping with chores, sharing toys, giving hugs and kisses, surprising each other with pictures, special treats etc.  

Chris does it a lot by drawing the kids silly pictures on our white board to surprise them each morning.  

the girls made signs for Chris to welcome him home from work one day

Chris played guitar for me

Kayla "planted" a garden with dying flowers from a vase inside

you get the idea....

6. Valentine's Day 

the girls did lots of sweet valentine crafts this year and wanted to send them to grandparents and godparents.  It was really sweet.  Here they are heading to the mailbox (our little gaggle of girls) to send them. 

Chris sent me flowers (he was gone in New York City for a business trip) and I got my Lenten goodies from Blessed is She.  So excited to use these during Lent.  

Added some more flowers to the vase when my dear friend, Megan, brought some over later in the day, knowing that I am THE WORST (read: emotional hot mess) when Chris travels.  I like having him around.  :)  Thanks, Megan, for understanding.  

7. New York trip

Chris spent most of this past week in NYC.  It was busy and loud (so many cars and horns honking all the time!), and he seemed pretty glad to get home to the comparably quieter house and all his adoring fans.  

Welcome home, Daddy, we missed you!  More door signs. 

Just in case you were having one of those weeks where you are trying so hard, but life just keeps throwing curveballs...

I give you this shot, which summarizes that feeling. 

I'm smiling, but I really just want to give life the finger.