Friday, October 21, 2016

7QT Friday- Fall colors

1. Fall has arrived!
and with it, some really beautiful fall foliage.  The tree above was at least four different shades and absolutely stunning.  To quote Anne Shirley (L.M. Montgomery-Anne of Green Gables) "I am so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers."  

2. Chris took some lovely fall shots too

and the foliage and bold colors on the trees are beautiful against an incredible Colorado sunset sky as well....

4. Fall hike

because we like hiking and the fall-duh!

5. Tea parties

Since Ava received her tea set from Grammy and Granddad for her birthday there have been quite a few tea parties around here.  The girls even convinced the neighbor boy to join the fun one day.  And there was a fantasy tea party in which all the participants were fairies and other made-up creatures, like Elise who was an allicorn.  Our neighbors gave her one of their old Halloween costumes and she lived in it for like 3 days straight.  I was informed by Kayla that it's not a unicorn since unicorns don't have's an allicorn.  Whatever, it's hilarious no matter what you call it.  

6. Painting pumpkins

Well actually they painted an assortment of squashes and gourds, but whatever.  
They had a blast

7. Cuteness

You know I can't publish a post without a picture of a cute baby.

and these are some cute ones of Chris and the girls

Just the highlights of another week in the life of our Bissonnette fam

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Trip to Cincinnati 2016: The Last Few Days

After our fun first few days in Cincinnati plus our time with Chris' siblings on Saturday, we still had a few days of fun left in us before it was time to head home.  Unfortunately for Chris, he had apparently played a little too hard making the long drive and having fun in the first couple days in Cincy, because he woke up on Sunday feeling terrible.  So his Sunday ended up being a day in bed.  

Here's how our Sunday went...

I got up, got the girls ready for church, and once I realized that Chris was not going to be making it to Mass, I headed out to St. Gertrude's to meet Chris' family there with the girls on my own.  Evan met us in the church parking and helped me herd the gaggle of girls and carried Kolbe's car seat in.  The girls were actually really really good at Mass (Sophie was a little antsy, but not LOUD like she often can be at this age).  Sophie did try to run away at the end of Mass and made it all the way outside before I could finally grab her and walk back into Mass for the closing song holding her in one arm and Kolbe in the other.  

We all headed to Aunt Winnie's (where we were staying) for a fun day there.  Aunt Winnie had sandwiches and other delicious treats for lunch and we hung out with her and Chris' family.  Some of Aunt Winnie's children and their families stopped by throughout the afternoon as well.  It was really wonderful getting to visit with extended family and also get to hang out with the sibs and Mom and Dad B more.  


Ethan and Callie (Don's wife) got to take a turn holding the little man. 

Winnie's porch swing is always a hit with the girls.  

Granddad making sure Emiliana is nice and relaxed taking her bottle

Sophie and her cousin Emiliana playing together

Laura Bissonnette sqaured  :)

Later in the day, pizza was ordered and we hung out more.  It was a really nice, relaxing day and I was able to check on Chris easily and frequently and get him water and probiotics.  The next day he was feeling significantly better, and we headed out to start our day with a little visit to Aunt Winnie's husband Uncle Bill.  He's in a neat home so that he can have extra help since he has Parkinson's.  It was so good to see him. He had the nurse shave his face just for our visit which was super sweet.  The girls sang him This Little Light of Mine and told him about their activities.  

Next we drove back to Chris' parents house to visit with his Grandma and Aunt Colleen who had arrived just before us.  Grandma brought sweet gifts for the girls and wanted to hear all about how they were doing.  We laughed and chatted and Kolbe got to meet his Great Grandmother.


I know Colleen will hate me for posting that picture, but she was just so expressive when she was talking and Kolbe's face is so great....


Love these two pictures so much!

We got a sweet picture of Great Grandma with our kids (5 of her 8 great grandkids) and another where we added her grandkids who were there 

After they headed home, we had a brief visit with Chris' sister Emily and her family.  Their cousin Gianna is old enough to play with them now and the girls sure had a lot of fun playing on Grammy and Granddad's play set in the backyard.  The rest of the afternoon and evening was just quiet visiting with Mom and Dad B and their kids who still live at home.  And Granddad played his drum set for the girls.

And we celebrated Andrew's upcoming birthday with ice cream sundaes.  Mmmmmm!


It was hard to say good-bye after such a fun, full visit.  We can't wait for our next adventure to Cincy.  Thanks, everyone, for coming to spend time with us while we were there.  Love you all!

The lovely morning sky as we packed up the kids in the car at Aunt Winnie's Tuesday morning to begin the drive back home. 

The trip was stressful at times.  The kids were kids and got bored and feisty in the back seats, although were fairly good for the most part.  I caught a bad cold on the way out and my head felt like it was exploding as we drove so I wasn't thrilled.  We broke up the drive more evenly on the way home, stopping in Kansas City for the night.  The girls watched Finding Nemo in the hotel room before bed that night.  

And eventually we arrived home in Colorado, happy and tired.  

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trip to Cincinnati 2016- Saturday Family Day

On Saturday we had a big get together at Chris' parents house with ALL 9 of his siblings.  Most of them are local and many are still at home (he's the second of 10), but one brother is a few hours away.  He drove in Friday night after work and everyone was able to be together for most of the day on Saturday.  

It's been nearly 11 years since I met Chris' family, and 8 years since they all officially became my family.  And that is exactly what they feel like.  When we arrived at Chris' house on Thursday afternoon, it was truly like coming home.  

His parents' home has been part of my life for long enough and I have so many fond memories there with them, that it isn't just Chris' childhood home, in so many ways it feels like my home too.  And his family truly feels like my family.  I have watched most of his siblings grow and mature, some of them from when they were really really small. Chris' family warmly welcomed me into their lives and I'm so grateful for that.  I've been so blessed to marry into a family where I'm not just Chris' wife; I'm a daughter.  I'm a sister.  I'm family.  

Ok, well now that I've gone and made myself cry, let's get to the pictures from the fun day Saturday with all the fam.  



Up on the top right there is Sophie playing with a toy that her grammy played with as a child.

The guys all got together for a lively game of football in the backyard.  


One of our nieces, Gianna, riding around in a car while the football game was played.  Sophie got tired and the pack-n-play was occupied by another sweet baby cousin, so Grammy put Sophie to sleep on her shoulder and watched the guys play from the dining room window.  So much sweetness here as Grammy cuddles her granddaughter and watches her sons play football.  

We all had a lovely lunch together and of course, dozens of pictures were taken.  

Chris and all his brothers and his sister

Bissonnette side of the family grandkids:
7 lovely gals and a handsome little man

Gianna, Elise holding Kolbe, Kayla holding Therese, Ava, Sophie, and Emiliana sitting in front. 

All the girls



3 generations of Bissonnette firstborn sons

Richard Omer, Christopher Richard, and Kolbe Christopher

A rare family photo

And in the evening 6 of Chris' brothers agree to watch our kids so that Chris and I could go on a double date with Chris' parents.  We took Kolbe of course.  It was the first time we've ever really spent time one-on-one with them as a couple and it was really fun.  We went out to a little burger/sandwich place for dinner and then looked at a few things at Carters.  We ended the evening with a little ice cream at a local ice cream place called Aglamesi's.  

Truly a wonderful day spent with family.  So so blessed to have married into such a great one. 

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