Saturday, November 26, 2016

November updates

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I haven't really had a chance to blog, so here are a few updates from our little fam bam.  

1.  I gave the girls haircuts.  This is what they wanted.  


2. This little guy is already 3 months old.  How??


He's pretty much the cutest thing ever!

3. It snowed a couple times.  And melted again. 


4. At our latest family movie night, the girls all really wanted to wear their snow hats. 

5. Just a few little ballet pictures and videos from Kayla and Elise


5. I finally unpacked our china again.  We have moved so many times and each time I know another move will be coming, so I just kept them in their box....but no more.  It's been like 6 years, and I'm using them.  Some way somehow.  :)

6. Thankful tree

7. Celebrating Chris' birthday.  He was sick on his actual birthday which was a bummer, but we celebrated a few days later when he was feeling better again. 

8.  Thanksgiving!  yes, this is the only picture I took that day.  We spent the day with my sister Christy's in-laws (and my sister's family).  Yummy food and a fun(ny) night of karoake.  

9.  The cousins came over after Thanksgiving and had a blast playing.  We also made graham cracker and Halloween candy "gingerbread" houses.  Each girl created something so unique.  It was really fun to watch them all create.  



Just missing Declan and Kolbe.  We had so much fun with my sister's fam

10.  My Christmas cactus bloomed!  

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thankfulness and the Election

I woke up this morning, quite sure that I would not be happy with whoever had been elected President.  I think both major candidates were terrible.  And I can't believe the negativity that there has been surrounding this election in every way.  The last several months and continuing on through this morning....and it's mean and it's rude and it's terrible.  I'm not happy with that either.  Honestly I don't know what there is to say in any election, especially one like this except, 
"Jesus, I trust in You." 

So that's what I did.  And now I am steering clear of the negativity coming from everywhere.  Is the world going to be changed by a bunch of angry people bashing Hillary and Trump?  No.  But it could be changed by love.  

Mother Teresa said,
 "What can you do to promote world peace? 
Go home and love your family."

So that's what I'm planning to do. 

And I'm beginning by thanking God for them.  

Lord, thank you for 

My amazing husband, who loves me through my imperfections, who listens to my heart, and cares for and protects my soul.  

The father of our children, who works long and hard for our family, who sacrifices and treasures us, who defends and loves us.   

Thank you for 
Our Kids


Our incredible, smart, fun-loving, adventure-seeking oldest daughter. 


Our silly, affectionate, sensatory, sweet second daughter. 


Our sweet, sensitive, lovey-dovey, warm-hearted third daughter. 


Our goofy, smiley, friendly, social, little fourth daughter. 

and for

Our handsome, cherished, smiley, adorable little man. 

Thank you, Jesus, for these amazing people you have put in my life to sanctify me, to love me, and to hold me.  Thank you for the wonderful gift of my family whom you've given me to love, serve, care for, pray for, and journey with towards our heavenly home.  Help me to never forget that my calling is promote peace by loving Chris and our kids here in our home and in doing so, loving and serving you, the King of Kings.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Late Quicktakes...

....because LIFE happens. 

But here's what last week looked like around here

1. Halloween

The four season
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
(too bad the picture is so blurry you can't really see the snowflakes on Sophie's shirt)

At the end of the night...."Look, Mom, my leaves are falling!"

The PLAN was for Kolbe to be a tree or even some kind of furry animal in the four seasons, but I got lazy because who are we kidding?  He wasn't going to be seen trick-or-treating in the Moby wrap anyway.  So we'll just say he was a burrito for his first Halloween. 

2. All Saints Day

This year we went fairly simple with costumes.  

Left to right: St. Agnes holding Bl. Pier Giogio Frassati, St. Kateri, St. Gianna, and St. Cecilia (who lost her sash...)


Hippie St. Cecilia...haha                                     St. Kateri- Lily of the Mohawks


St. Agnes                                                             Bl. Pier Giogio Frassati (sadly it's blurry)


a sweet little St. Gianna

3. Beer and Jason Bourne

Chris and I have been having a lot of fun with some at-home date nights recently since we just don't have the resources to go out on dates outside the home much.   We took some pictures from a fun one we did last Friday.

We started with beer tasting.  Over the years, Chris always has me try what he's drinking when he first pours it.  So I've gotten a little bit of a taste for the different types and styles of beer, but I've never been into beer so that's as far is it goes.  Last Friday, we decided to go all out and I actually tried several beers and had a decent amount of them with Chris.  My favorites were the sours.  
goofing around just like the old days

Then we had a bit of a "Jason Bourne theme" going on for the evening.  We played the card game, Mille Bornes (pronounced meel-born).  Yes, I thought I was totally clever coming up with that game to go with our themed night of fun.  
Besides the pronunciation being "fitting", it's French (duh!) and a good portion of The Bourne Identity (which we watched after we played the game) took place in France.  After the movie, we chatted about some of our favorite European memories from our semester abroad, especially our time in Paris.  So fun.  
(wish these pictures were better, but oh well, good memories!)

4. Colorado Sunrise

Before the time change, the sun was rising at a time that I could fathom being awake (and let's be real, it was the time that Kolbe wakes up for his earlier morning nursing), so I saw a few lovely sunrises last week.  

I've been struggling a lot recently, and these sunrises were a beautiful reminder to me of God's love and faithfulness.  And sure enough, the week improved and became a truly beautiful one.  

5. Family Soccer Fun

Chris took the girls outside to kick around the soccer ball and once Kolbe was asleep for a nap, I joined the fun.  We even had a little soccer "game" which had the kids laughing and occasionally crying and whining too.  Ha!

6. Pretzel Shapes

We worked on some shape fun with pretzels and marshmallows.  All the girls were fans.  
Who wouldn't be?  :)

7. We Voted

This election is a nightmare, but I'm just putting myself in God's hands.  


Kayla insisted on taking a picture of me in my fun shirt.  #MickeyMouseforPresident  Just kidding, I voted for a real person.  

And just because....

Sweet smiles from Kolbe.  

You're welcome.