Friday, March 24, 2017

Bullet Points and Pics: Third Week of March

And this post pretty much catches us up to where we are in the present.  I give you a last week.  
March 15-21

  • This sunset was actually from March 14...oops.  Photo by Chris

  • Did I mention Kolbe is everywhere?  Among other things (continue reading this post) he tried his hand at climbing stairs.  Kayla was his spotter.  He only got his hands up and standing on the first one (though as you can see from the last photo Kayla was trying to help him reach the second), so we aren't scared yet, but still...


  • Kolbe took his first ride in the swing at the a pro (and his second too!)




  •  Fun with the neighbors when the sun comes out!

  • More of our daffodils bloomed.  (Chris plants and cares for them, otherwise they'd probably be dead.  I'm not much of a green thumb, though I aspire to be).  Also our landlords had the house re-painted.  The new color is much better in my opinion.  :)

  • Megan led our mom's/Blessed is She group in an Ignatian scripture reading exercise.  It was wonderful. 

  • Kolbe is (in the week I'm blogging about) about a week and half away from being 7 months! As predicted he's crawling.  Everywhere.  The video shows a tad.  He's everywhere and interested in everything.  Also in putting it all in his mouth.  And he can go from crawling to sitting up and back again on his own.  Big month for this officially mobile little man. 


  • prayer journaling has been such a great Lenten practice.  Not that I keep up with it and don't miss days ever....

  • park play dates because the weather was awesome.  The video is a game the girls made up to play on the huge spider web at a nearby park.  "Freeze tag". 


  • St. Patrick's Day!  

  • We helped form a men's and women's group in January.  The guys meet once a month and are beginning a Bible study on the Eucharist (I think!) and the girls meet and are going through The Wild Goose Series (on the Holy Spirit).  We switch houses and it's just a neat time with other Catholic guys and gals.  We decided to get our families together for a Friday meatless soup dinner and it was so fun.  

  • We are also part of a Families of Bethany group.  We meet as couples once a month and a priest from the parish joins us and we discuss the following Sunday's gospel in depth and discuss marriage and family and faith.  We invited those families over on (the day after) St. Patrick's Day for a party.  There were coloring sheets, friendships bead bracelets, yummy food, great company, and Irish car bombs!

(group car bomb pics by Danielle{'s phone})

  • A friend's birthday party! There was face painting and balloon fun!

  • Family of Bethany meeting for March.  Kolbe had a blast playing with Fr. Javier (who baptized him)

  • Reading outside together

A busy, but very fun, week!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bullet Points and Pics: Second Week of March

      Still catching up, so here are the highlights in bullet points and pictures from March 8-14

  •  cheerio math for all different ages- using manipulatives is the best.  Dry erase is a money saver (reuse those worksheets and workbooks!) and they love the change up when we do some things that way instead of everything with paper and pencil.


  • Not my favorite in the world, but Chris really wanted to see this Experience Hendrix concert featuring some amazing guitarists playing in a tribute to the talent and innovation of Hendrix. And I always have fun with this guy around. 

  • A little me time, I snagged one afternoon.  So good.  Notes to friends, a nice snack, and another good Katherine Reay book.  

  • The silliness of this kid.  She likes to repeat things and her favorite is the Mario Kart character Daisy, which is said in a high pitched voice (listen to the video)



  • The silliness of this kid also!  He's so joyful!  (that pictures where he looks a little angry...he's not.  He's just talking and babbling.


  •  Chris and I (and Kolbe!) attended a morning Lenten retreat at a parish not too far from us where a friend does music ministry.  Kolbe had fun playing and laughing with Dannielle during the breakfast portion.  And we got to enjoy a nice quiet retreat with a lovely reflection on the Our Father, some discussion, the rosary, and a beautiful Mass.  

  • I am loving my Lenten journal from Blessed Is She.  So much to chew on (and yes, the doodling helps me to busy my hands while my mind mulls over it all)

  • I am not in love with beer, but Chris' Irish red was delish! It's on tap right now, come visit!

  • A lovely sunset shot Chris captured one evening. 

  • Spring arrived (on the calendar, yes, but also in our yard!).  Our first daffodil bloomed. 

  •  We had some friends over for a playdate.  So much fun.